Our Globetrotting Treasures Returned

Having travelled to the millennium exhibition in Tokyo and been away for some two months, the masterpieces of Hungarian painting displayed in the Japanese capital can be viewed again in the permanent exhibition of the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest.

The Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery organised a large-scale exhibition in Tokyo to mark the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Japan. The Japanese public were able to see some 130 masterpieces at the Treasures from Budapest exhibition at The National Art Center. Although, due to the COVID situation, the show had to close a month earlier than planned, it still drew in about 73,000 visitors during its two months of being open.

Following the exhibition, the works were sent on their journey back from Japan after the pandemic situation had abated. Having returned to their permanent exhibitions in Budapest, from the second half of July the public can again admire masterpieces in Budapest such as the Balloon and Lady in Violet by Pál Szinyei Merse, Orpheus by Károly Ferenczy, Riding at New Moon in Athens by Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, Magic by Lajos Gulácsy and Poppy Seed Cake by Adolf Fényes.

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