Museum Rules

Dear Visitor,

Please respect the following rules during your visit at the Hungarian National Gallery:
All vehicles, such as bicycles, scooters and segways, animals (except guide dogs), sharp objects, hazardous materials or anything that may pose a risk to the safety of other visitors and staff are not permitted in the building.
Persons under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or stimulants, or persons arriving in inappropriate clothing (e.g., bare feet, bathing suit) are not permitted to visit the gallery.
The security guards of the museum will take measures against those who endanger visitors or staff, or who engage in threatening behaviour. It is prohibited to sit on the windowsill in the exhibition halls.

PROTECTION OF ARTWORKS: Even mild touching can cause damage to artworks. Please keep a distance of at least 30 cm from the artworks on display and do not touch any of them, including stonework.

CLOAKROOM: For safety reasons, the use of the cloakroom is obligatory and free of charge. Please, leave any packages, all backpacks, umbrellas, and bags exceeding 30 × 25 × 15 cm in the cloakroom. Because of security reasons, bags of any size are not allowed to be carried on the back in the exhibitions, small backpacks can be hold in hand or worn on the front only. We kindly ask our visitors to leave their winter coats, coats below mid-thigh length, and wet coats of any sizes in the cloakroom. Any other coats or jackets should be put on, visitors may not enter the exhibition halls with a coat in hand or across the arms. In addition, it is forbidden to bring bottles, food, drink, toys or any dangerous objects that might harm or endanger the safety of the exhibited artworks. (Strictly for health reasons, visitors may carry in their bag one bottle of non-carbonated soft drink/water of a maximum size of 0.5 litre, but consuming drinks near the artworks is prohibited.) Each visitor can deposit a package not exceeding 40 × 50 × 80 cm. Valuables can be deposited during the visit in our lockable safes or in a “take and return” linen bag available free of charge in the cloakroom.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO: Visitors are allowed to take photographs with any admission ticket, exclusively for personal use. It is forbidden to use flash, monopods, tripods or selfie sticks. In some temporary exhibitions recordings can be restricted, which is indicated in the exhibition and at its entrance. Video recording is allowed only in the permanent exhibitions with a video ticket that can be purchased in the ticket office.

TOUR GUIDE: Only the trained guides of the Hungarian National Gallery are allowed to guide tours in our exhibition halls. Please check the prices and book a tour in advance.

CELL PHONES: Please mute your cell phone and avoid calls while visiting the exhibitions.

VISITING WITH CHILDREN: Our institution happily welcomes young visitors, meanwhile for safety and security reasons, the following rules shall be followed: Children below the age of 2 can only be taken in the exhibitions in strollers or in front-facing baby carriers. Strollers are only allowed if they are in use and not folded. Carrying babies in any other ways is not allowed. If needed, baby buggy can be borrowed for children under 15 kg of weight. Children under 14 years of age should visit the gallery under adult supervision. Parents, caregivers, or guardians are responsible for child supervision and to ensure the protection of artworks, exhibition halls and any property, as well as for the physical safety and the behaviour of the minor within the gallery.

SMOKING: Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited on the premises of the Hungarian National Gallery. Smoking is possible only in the designated areas outside the building, at least 5 metres from the entrance.

ACCESSIBILITY: For disabled visitors access is provided in Building B. Level access elevators are available in Building C.

CLOSING TIME: Closing of the galleries begins at 5.30 pm, from the top floors heading towards the entrance. Visitors are kindly asked to leave the exhibition halls at the arrival of the closing crew, and to check out of the cloakroom until 5.50 pm and to leave the building until closing at 6 pm.

VISITING WITH A GROUP OR FAMILY: The group leaders, accompanying teachers and parents (or freelancer guides with a special permit) are responsible to ensure that all group members or children comply with the visitor rules. Should you disagree with the above rules, you may ask for the return of the entrance fee, before entering the exhibition area. This is possible with the receipt of your unvalidated ticket, within 30 minutes of purchase, during the opening hours of the ticket office. If a visitor refuses to comply with the museum rules or any directions given under them, our security staff is authorised to refuse admission and to ask the visitor to leave the building.

Thank you for your cooperation in protecting our values!

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