The Munkácsy exhibition to be renewed

Our exhibition Mihály Munkácsy and the Realism of the Fin-de-siécle is soon to be renewed. The material visitors can see at the moment – seventy-five or so works by Mihály Munkácsy and Hungarian painters following in his footsteps – has been on display since 2011. Similarly to two recently rearranged exhibitions titled Art in the 19th Century and Modern Times, our Munkácsy hall will be reorganised according to a new concept this autumn. The renewed Munkácsy exhibition, curated by András Zwickl and Réka Krasznai, will bring a broader panorama of Realist painting to the public thanks to the material being enriched not only in its subjects but also in the number of Hungarian and  foreign artists included. In addition to the iconic masterpieces by Munkácsy, visitors will be able to see works by László Mednyánszky, Géza Mészöly, János Tornyai, Károly Kernstok, Lajos Deák Ébner, Bertalan Karlovszky and August von Pettenkofen.

The Munkácsy exhibition is open to the public in its present form until 1st September, and the renewed show is expected to reopen in early November.

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