Late night opening

The Museum offers numerous new ways of exploring – and learning about – the fine arts.

Late night opening

Discovering something unique and personal about a work of art is what makes it interesting and memorable to us. It is in this endeavour that we call on other forms of art: dance, theatre, literature, classical and pop music, fashion design, gastronomy, and countless other fields of art….?

Within the framework of the serial and singular programs of the Hungarian National Gallery, concerts, contemporary dance and theatre performances, guided tours, workshops and other activities aid visitors in acquiring art-related experiences, with the involvement of as many of their five senses as possible.

For our larger temporary exhibitions, we organise opening or finissage events: we say farewell to current exhibitions with related professional events, concerts, film screenings, and, on occasion, night time opening hours and special programs. In our Texture program series, fine arts, literature and theatre intersect: the museum invites contemporary Hungarian authors to write literary texts about an inspiring work of art, selected from the Museum’s permanent collections. The resulting literary works are presented to interested visitors by actors within the exhibition spaces of the Museum, who simultaneously bring the written text to life and also place it in a new light. Visitors can decide for themselves how much time they spend viewing each scene. During these performances, actors perform the pieces continuously, in repetition, and in parallel with one another.

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