Guided tours

We offer guided tours in the Permanent Collection as well as the Temporary Exhibitions.

Guided tours

Do you know what the original profession of the famous Hungarian painter József Rippl-Rónai was? Do you know whose work was made using a special, so-called concrete embroidery technique? You will find out and learn much more about our permanent and temporary exhibitions if you come to our guided tours or book a time for your group or your friends.


Interesting details, observing artworks close up, background information and a unique museum experience – those who make advance bookings for any of our guided tours are in for such treats.

The one-hour guided tours for a wide range of age groups start between 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Tickets for tours in Hungarian: HUF 10,000 / group; for tours in foreign languages: HUF 16,000 / group. The maximum size of a group is 30 persons.

Guided tours in both our temporary and permanent exhibitions are exclusively held by our museum’s highly trained guides in Hungarian and in foreign languages (English, French, Italian and Russian). If the Hungarian National Gallery cannot provide guided tours in the language of your choice, the guides of tour operators are allowed to interpret on the Hungarian guided tours.

Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail. Registrations are only valid with the confirmation, which contains all the registered data of the group and the visit, as well as the admission fee. We only take responsibility for fees posted on our official homepage and the data included in our confirmation e-mail; we do not accept any references to verbal communication.



If you wish to bring your kindergarten group or school class to one of our exciting workshops, designed for various age groups, choose from our MUSEUM EDUCATION WORKSHOPS. Teachers with school groups can hold classes only in the Hungarian National Gallery’s permanent collections with the museum’s special permission. (Teachers are not allowed to hold classes in the temporary exhibitions.)


The pre-announced guided tours of the Hungarian National Gallery are open to individual visitors, who cannot participate in our group guided tours, but would like to be informed by our professional colleagues about the most famous artworks and artists of our collections..

During the one-hour visit, from the Gothic winged altarpieces to the artworks of the twentieth century, we cover a great historical timeline of Hungarian and international fine art, that includes, for example, Master M. S., Bertalan Székely, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pál Szinyei Merse or Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka.

Guided tours in Hungarian: Every week on Fridays, from 11.30 am, and on Saturdays from 3 pm.
Guided tours in English: Twice a month, on Sundays from 11 am.

No pre-registration is required. Ticket: HUF 3,200. Price of guided tour: HUF 2,000.


The guided tours in the Hungarian National Gallery’s permanent and temporary exhibitions are listed by title and time in our EVENT CALENDAR.


We prepared route tips, which show the individual visitors round the permanent exhibitions of the Hungarian National Gallery by the means of exciting topics.

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