The Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte – Crisis and Rebirth in 1929

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The Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte – Crisis and Rebirth in 1929

Building C, Ground Floor - 28 June – 20 October 2019

The Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery will mount a large-scale exhibition of surrealist art. The show organised in conjunction with the Centre Pompidou is primarily based on a selection from the rich collection of the Parisian institution.

The exhibition will document the main trends of Surrealism, its central figures and outstanding artists through the extremely eventful period in the movement’s history, the year 1929 fraught with personal and artistic conflict. One of the most noteworthy moments of 1929 was the appearance of Salvador Dalí of Catalonia on the Parisian art scene and his taking the leading role in the group of surrealists. His film made together with Louis Buñuel, Un chien Andalou, debuted that year, and was the first masterpiece of surrealist moving pictures, confirming that the unique perspective and new artistic approach advocated by the movement can be coupled with the most varied technical solutions.
The show will provide a broad overview of the works made at the time by the surrealists, including Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, René Magritte, Pablo Picasso and Francis Picabia. Surrealist photography will be represented at the exhibition with works by Man Ray and Brassaï, while visitors will be able to see lesser known but nevertheless important figures such as Jacques André Boiffard.

The following video gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of The Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte exhibition.

Exhibition organized by the Centre Pompidou, APris and the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

The Major Sponsor of the exhibition is MFB Hungarian Development Bank.

Corporate Partners: Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge and Air France.

Please note that due to security reasons the number of tickets available for the exhibition is limited!

Practical information regarding the visit of the Surrealist exhibition. 

The Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte – Crisis and Rebirth in 1929

28 June – 20 October 2019

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