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Surface Torturing III Tibor Hajas János Vető (photo made by)

Alternate title



Tibor Hajas Budapest, 1946 – Szeged, 1980

János Vető (photo made by) Budapest, 1953 –

Date 1978
Object type photograph
Medium, technique fiber-based paper glued on woodpanel, photo

3 items photo each: 240 × 300 mm
overall size: 90 × 110 cm

Inventory number MM90.5
Collection Contemporary Collection
On view This artwork is not on display

The physical, emotional and intellectual experiences of Tibor Hajas’s performances centring around his own body are recorded by a series of personal rites and the organised tableaus “documenting” them (photos by János Vető). Surface Torturing III is a panel from a series of three works. Photo-woodoo, the magic doubling of the tools of violating one’s own boundary (flashlight – burn scar, body painting) is decisive in the action as well: dual torturing of picture and body (emulsion laceration).The body petrified in the gestures and happenings of “self-erasure” is the “victim or creator of the events”, cast into cold white or black space, naked. Here in a triptych composition: on the left wounded, with “charred” maimed legs; in the middle: his own shadow devours him like a black hole, he is standing, grabbing at his throat as if he were suffocating, his face a “glowing” hole; on the right: with a defensive, defeated gesture holding his head, while his back “is set on fire”, his loins already scorched. The subtitles of further pieces in the series – Senses, Pompeii – generate the sequence of further associations: Hiroshima, Prague 1968, the Buddhist monk of the Vietnam war…

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